Hire Me

Some of you have asked me whether I would join you in welcoming your child yet to be born, or in celebrating your union, or giving someone the farewell they would have wished.

During the Oracle performance from The Temple Trilogy I almost married two of you. After Coptic, it was my turn to offer another two of you to offer your beautiful daughter a loving welcome into this world. And to those of you who know me, it would be needless to say that The Birth of Francesc Oui was a trip (hopefully a round trip) to death and back.

So Yes, I am now available for the larger number and not only for the closest. Many of you feel the need to make a moment last and a non-confessional ritual may be just the one thing that will make it a milestone, a memory, a moment of truth.

I invite you to feel absolutely FREE from anything you may have been taught and drop me a line. If it’s a unique life experience you are looking for, I am sure we can shape it together and bring it to Life.

Opera Instantané_2018-02-13_015133_vimeo.com

I also offer custom performance actions that usually take place in private venues: from parties (Wasteland) to business clubs (Vom Wesen des Grundes), from nightclubs (Happy Endings) to festivals (Europa), every worthy moment is worth an action. Hire me now!