Many people ask me to accompany them on special occasions: some of them are blissful, and some are hard to go through. Either way, I can help you reshape the moment through four distinct Rituals:

Ecstasy. How are you going to celebrate the birth of your child? Be sure to pave the way to the beautiful Life s/he deserves… and if You are that child, don’t be ashamed to celebrate your own coming to Life!

Love: your passport to a new life together. A highly customizable ritual whose memory shall last forever. How unique do you want it to be?

Farewell. It is hard to say goodbye. People may tell you they understand what you’re going through. But you know they don’t. I will help you say farewell in a way as unforgettable as your cherished ones will always be.

Grieving, also called Reconcilement, means taking good care of the memories of our Beloved ones. This ritual is aimed at those who are left with the pain of abandonment, the ones who mourn.

Rituals allow us to express our faith and hope. They don’t have to be religious. I offer these rituals to confessional, interfaith, agnostic and atheistic people alike.

Send me an email so I may personally help you shape your unique Ecstasy or Love ritual, create a Gift, or guide you through Farewell and Grieving.


A reproduction of previous performances such as The Age of Aquarius can be arranged, although only in private venues. Make your offer.


Thanks to a joint initiative with Maria Pujol, you can now get your own shrine with the Japanese Gyotaku body imprint technique. Prices for a full Gyotaku session in Barcelona start at €600 (single body, monochrome imprint). Make your reservation here.



Get your #Dinasty (blood on sisal*, 22×29, €160) or #Calendar (ink on organic paper, 22×29, €35) or send it as a gift to your Beloved one(s). [*some Dinasties may contain bitumen of Judea and organic fluids other than blood.]

A unique (1 out of 2) autographed physical copy of Anti Warhol is available for €2600. PayPal accepted. Worldwide expedited. SOLD




If yours is a very special request, please send me an email with your proposal and I will get back to you in short notice.