The most frequent action people ask me to do is to accompany them on special occasions, from the most joyful and pleasurable to the most painful.

Welcoming a new Life, saying Farewell, celebrating Love: rituals don’t have to be religious to express our faith and hope. Especially when they are as unique as ourselves.

Let us celebrate. Send me an email and I will personally help you shape your unique Love ritual, create a Gift, or guide you through Grieving, Ecstasy or Reconcilement.

Opera Instantané

A reproduction of The Age of Aquarius can be arranged. Only private venues. Offer price.

Jose Mas’ short movie Calders is now available for you to RENT (€0,99) or BUY (€5,99)

Thanks to a joint initiative with Maria Pujol, you can now get your own shrine with the Japanese Gyotaku body imprint technique. Prices for a full Gyotaku session in Barcelona start at €600 (single body, monochrome imprint). Make your reservation here.

Get your #LiveOrDinasty (blood on sisal, 22×29, €160) or #OuiKen Calendar (ink on organic paper, 22×29, €35) or send it as a gift to your Beloved one(s).

A unique (1 out of 2) autographed physical copy of Anti Warhol is available for €2600. PayPal accepted. Worldwide expedited. SOLD

I know some of you have very special requests, so please, do send me an email with a proposal and suggested budget and I will answer as soon as possible.