Time is Honey

“Matter is not vain,
Matter is luminous.”

The headlines are taken from Portuguese writer Maria Gabriela Llansol’s (1931-2008) Burning Text, Joshua (Ardente Texto, Joshua) and they are meant to rescue the correlation between light and worthiness: not vain, luminous. After Kristallnacht, I wanted to delve deeper in a journey of self-knowledge through sound. Kristallnacht was punctuated by the ominous sound of shooting in Mondkopf’s Stars Are Falling and the anxiety of Jon Hopkins’ techno anthem Collider, whereas Time is Honey was entirely performed to acoustic translations of the subtle light I got from the staring faces of fifteen witnesses standing in a circle.

Time is Honey was performed at Espai Blanc after the last in a series of 4-hour work sessions or laboratories called Body Voice Action and guided by Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards’ disciple Pere Sais. The witnesses were invited to dip their right index finger in a bowl with honey, and then enter the performance space and stand in a circle. I looked at each one of them until some nonverbal communication could take place. Afterwards, I assigned a sound to each one of the witnesses, I started walking back and forth to reach out for the witnesses and compose a melody informed by the subtle sounds I had assigned. The action came to an end when the composition got complex enough, bringing about a sense of completeness.

time is honey 3

Photography: Mar C. Llop.