“Tonight is November 9, 1938. A few day after Dies after the withdrawal of the International Brigades of Barcelona, the Schutzstaffelor Protection Squad, better known as the SS, burned synagogues all over Germany and destroyed the factories and businesses of Jews, scapegoats of the economic crisis. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, some people glare incredulously at a performance set in a distant October 30, 2015. They do not know yet that history is repetition.”



I hesitated a lot whether or not to consider Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) a performance. From the very beginning, I felt like the action to be undertaken had to do primarily with myself. It was about being a Jew, about not having chosen to be a Jew, about loving techno and dancing. It was about not taking things too seriously in order to pursue serious achievements. Advertised as a dystopia, Kristallnacht was performed as part of the 10th edition of EnAct, the Catalonian performance art festival led by Primo Gabbiano and Maria Joao Floxo.


Photography, video recording and edit: Giacomo Tonoli.