hapah francesc oui performance art spain catalonia españa catalunya performerHapah! was a fifty-minute-length performance and a first in a series of mourning actions. A couple of friends collaborated: cinema critic Miguel Casanova and lighting designer Paolo Portaluri. I had all my hair cut by Paolo while Miguel was asked to play with his feet in a childish manner. The soundtrack of Gurdjieff’s Meetings With Remarkable Men was playing in the background. Once I was done with the haircut, I painted my forehead in red and the rest of my face in white pigment. This was the physical preparation of the action that followed.

I held a white mannequin in my arms and laid down on the floor with it for a while, as if with a corpse, until I could cry and mourn the death of the one it stood for. I left the mannequin aside, stood back again and went to the middle of the witnesses, who were sitting down on mattresses on the floor. I started jumping from one mattress to another saying joyfully “Hapah!” to each and every witness. The rhythm of the jumping went on increasing until it stopped all of a sudden.