aspiration performance lluis companys performer catalunya As I stood in front of a crowd in a private apartment, I prompted seven male volunteers to engage with an object I would give them in the same manner they would see me interact with a similar object.

I wore the national flag of Catalonia (“estelada”) in a similar fashion to that of the French “République”, and then I grabbed a couple of plastic bottles of mustard and ketchup (whose colors mimic those of both the Catalan and the Spanish flags) and I spread some sauce over my chest. I threw the stained flag out on the street and the seven volunteers started the action as I bowed my head in assent.

Aspiration allowed me to perform the undecideability of the question of national independence (a new State of Europe) versus the people’s real sovereignty (the self-determination of a country). The action underwent a thorough reinterpretation in the later performance Killing Lluís Companys. For that reason, despite formal similarities, I consider them two distinct peformances.