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DEADLINE 15 January 2018
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#LiveOrDinasty / One year after my Birth, I invite you to take a glimpse at the art of Dinasty Calendar making. Dinasties are calendars written in blood that I create as a reward to my sponsors. If you like what you see and want to see more, feel free to drop me a private message.

De facto
is a work in progress with Albert Coma Bau. A non-choreography between the temptation of control and the need to let go. Undeclared life becomes explicit screenplay. At which point do we become strangers to each other? What do we represent to an audience if we are not actors at all? A living exercise in the era of post-truth, De facto might simulate a silent drama. In fact, it stands for something else.

Antology is a performance act made of recorded spoken word and “any sounds electric”: 10 poems, 10 languages, 10 days.

Prelude to Ylia was the first piece of performance art for an unborn human, Ylia, daughter to Mercè Homs and Mauri Naph. The ritualistic set of actions took place in Riera de Merlès (Vic, Catalonia) the 2nd of October and it was registered by photographer Mònica Pallí. These private pictures remain unpublished.

Ester Xargay and I delivered Universal Basic Poetry (Poesia Bàsica Universal) on September 30 for ARTT Festival in TPK L’Hospitalet (Barcelona Area). Hosted by our dear friends Charo and Agustí Fructuoso, I am delighted to return to this special venue where I performed The Age of Aquarius (BCN Gallery Weekend 2015), The Independence of Spain (ARTT 2016), and I Love You Rachel Rosenthal (2016) with Primo Gabbiano.