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monika hunken melissa

I am so grateful for the time I spent at Casa Del Herrero. Being there opened a space in me as wide as the plateaus on the outskirts of town. It was the perfect balance of focused isolation in a tiny town with only sheep, one bar and a church and a surprising vibrant culture within the community that Francesc Oui has nurtured there. I was able to work sometimes in my room and sometimes out in the fields watching the world move slowly.

The landscape is breathtaking, the church bell’s hourly ringing kept me free of devices and the house is lovely with a wood stove and gorgeous bathtub! Francesc is a marvelous, gracious host, respectful of personal space but also ready to engage in exhilarating discussion. I am happy to count him as a friend and hope to return!

Monica Hunken, performance artist

The year ends and I remember fondly my stay at La Casa del Herrero. A great place to develop projects, calmly and deeply.

Toni Payan, photographer.

petros konnarisLa Casa del Herrero was an inspiring 8-day residency for me. I was exploring the concept of home and Francesc was a great host. I had the time to explore secular rituals we regularly perform at home and have very interesting discussions with him. Questions and thoughts like “What makes a house a home?”, community and isolation, and eating, sharing and living together, were some of the concepts that the residency helped me research and explore. The area is very calm and relaxed, with friendly people with whom i had the pleasure to have a tai chi class and a hot chocolate gathering. Thank you everyone for the time spent together.

Petros Konnaris, performance artist.

My experience as an artist resident at La Casa del Herrero was filled with good food, even better company, and unexpected productivity. My creative practice was finally pushed beyond photography and for the first time, I started to explore sound art.

While researching residencies, I made it a priority to make sure that I can work well in the locations of those residencies. I wanted a challenging, yet comfortable residency program that I could dive into. I wanted to experience practicing art in a different environment than the one I reside in. I found that La Casa del Herrero fit all of my desires within a residency and more. Not only was I able to extend my practice, but I also had the opportunity to interact with the locals, energize myself with daily walks, and be invited into people’s homes for delicious meals. Overall, La Casa del Herrero was such a lovely experience and I couldn’t be more thankful for the people who made it that way including Francesc, Gloria, and myself.

Jenna Petrone, photographer.

“California Dream Girl” by Daniel Zeese and Mia Cross.

What an amazing place. It is going to take me a long time to mentally unpack everything from this experience. Every day was full with time in the studio, long walks through an amazing landscape, and long dinners with Francesc. So many details to uncover within this amazing space. The village is full of an amazing cast of cats and characters. I could go into detail but I don’t think you would believe me. Really though, everyone was super helpful (taking me on adventures, lending me tools), talkative (even when I couldn’t understand what they were saying) and extremely cordial (always inviting me to eat and forcing me to take seconds.)

Even though there is very little in the village, I still feel that I missed out on a lot by taking the time to produce work. I had originally approached the opportunity mainly as one to do research and exploration of the village, in the end I made more than I anticipated. I this would be best suited for someone looking for inspiration and a bunch of new experiences over creating a large body of work. That being said, I would totally recommend it and would love to go back.

Daniel Zeese, artist, designer director at Janet Echelman Inc, educator at Boston Architectural College

Click on the image to see the visual chronicle by Nicoletta Favari and Chris Salvito of Passepartout Duo!


marta conde francesc oui

Un lugar mágico que merece la pena descubrir. Para perderse y disfrutar del arte de un pueblo pequeño con una vida muy grande.

Marta Conde, periodista



Paz, mucha paz.
Eso es lo que viví en esta casa. Tiene mucho encanto, y el entorno también. El anfitrión, Francesc Oui, adorable, puro corazón. Una experiencia de la que me fui con lágrimas de buenos recuerdos por lo vivido. Y también con muchas ideas creativas para futuras colecciones en los próximos años.

Laia Mauri, diseñadora de moda

Ideal para creadores que buscan algo distinto, que aprecian los entornos naturales y que quieren sentirse parte de un pequeño lugar que en realidad es muy grande.

Ana Cotoré, bailarina

La casa perfecta para la concentración y el fluir de ideas, y Francesc Oui adorable.

100% Recomendable.

Jose Mas, productor y director de cine Suz-o-Suz Films

club de la pipa
Club de la pipa. Con Adrià Font (autor de best sellers de literatura juvenil) y los Percebales (míticos diseñadores gráficos que renovaron el cartel de cine en España).