Anti Warhol

After the conceptual revolution caused by Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, a work that moves artistic value away from the object towards the conceptual frame that grants it a new meaning, Andy Warhol became another milestone in art history by appropriating cultural icons and branded consumption goods. This new overthrow defines the core of pop art.

Anti Warhol is a tribute to the intricate affair between art and market as Andy Warhol inaugurated it. His Eating a Hamburger is reinterpreted within the codes of video performance, i.e. a performance artwork with a conceptual purpose that looks for the camera as a first witness and mediator of a multifocal, diversified, and potentially uniform gaze.

One-shot follows the idea shared by Lotman and Pasolini that links film editing to death. This is why the shot combines two basic elements: the performer’s face, with an emphasis on the mouth –reduced to a consumption function– and the neutral gaze, returning the camera its hollow subjectivity; and the hamburger, a metonymy of a world that is yours to buy and ready to be swallowed, evoking momentarily a sacred form, naively profaned.

Secondary elements such as the ketchup bottle, the table, or the torso, have been sacrificed in favour of a more iconic composition. A cathode TV screen with static was added though, in a gesture complicit with Cronenberg’s Videodrome –hence the 1440 x 1080 format– as well as the low-definition look John Fiske baptised as video low, whose “authentic” quality adds that hyperrealist layer that wraps all the goods that are made to be longed for.

Stuffed with subliminal references and tender ambiguities, the video is begging to be looped just like any other message or product that is as necessary as dispensable. Such an unstable and playful Real makes being anti-Warhol as urgent as going back to Andy Warhol.

Anti Warhol, 2017
Video performance, 4:12 min loop
Color / Sound
Format 1440 x 1080
Only in authorized venues. No. of hard copies available: 2
For sales and inquiries, please contact
Produced for LOOP Discover Barcelona
GPS Lois Productions