Palm Springs 3

Performance is a trope of speed, yes. That’s why I play with time. Time moves slow in Palm Springs and so do I. Performance can be a very slow action because the speed it binds us to is a speed of consciousness, that quickness that makes intuition so much more agile than conceptualization.

I thought I could use raw footage and show it as is. Then I remembered that I have a privilege which is: seeing the priority of the unexpected. ‎So we crafted a hybrid that is not a music video, not a documentary, not cinéma vérité, not the literal account of a performance as if there was literalness at all. My witness recorded my performance and by sharing it we make you witness something different, and we edit that writing so that you remember this is a kind of writing. Still, this is “a performance by Francesc Oui”.

Please, look beyond myself. If the action were about myself, it would be true but it would not be relevant to you. This is not about me getting high. This is me being performed. The sound came after the image and it will only fade afterwards. The music is playing for you but you can mute it for the sake of verisimilitude: there is only silence in Palm Springs.


Shameless is beautiful. / Time separates us.