Palm Springs

I am very interested in experimenting with time and length. I do not believe the reality of predictions; I wait for the future instead. No one has proven me the reality of death either, so why even think about afterlife. But I do seek objects that open my perception to qualities of the past and especially of the present. Those objects have different levels of materiality. Anti-wrinkle cosmetics are tangible and have an effect on the body; they are meant to modify bodily signs of age. Memory cards and other scripture supports are tangible; they store pieces of encoded information. Breathing allows for meditation, focusing on the present or bringing back memories, while some drugs allow for an expanded perception of the external time span.

They cancel the belief in a common, countable time and introduce a psychic space where length becomes singularly experienced. The projection of subjectivity in time takes the form of a singular temporality. If one is not sufficiently informed about the purity and pharmacodynamics of a given substance or is not willing to fall forwards irreversibly, there are ways of researching otherwise. And if someone adheres to the death drive in such a way that it is balanced by the principle of pleasure, which is the love of being alive and not doing harm to anyone, a guided and well-informed intoxication may open up new circuits of enhanced aesthesis or partial anaesthesia.

I made decisions through contingencies and serendipities of life that eventually brought me where I am standing. I believe I have found considerably safe ways to take the risks I, as a performance artist, want to take. I am thankful for the people I can share my singular temporalities with because they are already an evidence of the Continuous Body over time.