Performance is a lively art experience that may cause estrangement. When participating in artist residencies abroad, my main motivation is to be part of a cultural environment that is other than my own. The feeling of strangeness allows me to test at least three theoretical extremes: the singularity of the action (one-time performance), continuity (I am the other), ineffability.

Moving beyond the notion of site-specific, witness-specific actions may catalyze new forms of community founded upon the common perception of strangeness and the feeling of complicity it produces. Symbolically charged objects or surfaces may have to intervene. Among them, the body of the performer stands out as the place where to incarnate the anxiety of the other. The body is the border is the boundaries.

This is why sharing the same space with other artists, perhaps in an environment other than mine, and knowing other conceptions of what cannot be said, is vital to me.

As I embrace the stranger, I do not give up security; I give up the safety of identity.