Bio. Statement

I am a performance artist, voice talent, writer, and art director. I was born in 1979 by the Atlantic coast. I grew up in Lisbon, where I graduated as a philologist and became a member of the Lisbon Comparatists in 2003. I earned a PhD from Barcelona’s UPF with a thesis on what cannot be said, from medieval mysticism to contemporary art. I was a four-year recipient of the FCT doctoral scholarship and a 2016 ICSI grant holder for Judith Butler’s seminar at The New School, NY. My training on dance and psychoanalysis was critical to understand that bodies are continuous although we usually experience them as separate. I want a life of beauty and a death worth grieving.

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My Statement (2017)

I listen. I embrace the things that make me singular: care, sense, denial. This is how I act as someone unrepeatable and non-representable. I am a unique incarnation of thinking. Humans are the only intellectual species and now we risk extinction. Social intelligence has been repressed politically and now it reappears in performance art –as a symptom.

Performing is acting on purpose, in presence: I am responsible for what I do because I act on behalf of myself. I seek balance between framing an action and never being ready. Art is messianic, not social.

Photo: Nei Albertí Francesc Oui
Francesc Oui. Photo: Nei Albertí.